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Specialized Orthopedic Care   

Headaches/Jaw PAin

Are you frustrated with migraines, jaw pain or neck pain? Have you tried medications only to suffer more from the side effects than with the pain itself. Gate City Physio believes in taking a comprehensive approach to these painful conditions focusing on lifestyle factors, specialized hands on care and progressive movement to help you feel your best. 

Shoulder Pain 

Pain in the shoulder can be one of the most frustrating injuries. From rotator cuff to impingement to frozen shoulder, rest, medication and generic exercises are often the standard treatment. At Gate City Physio we use a combination of specific assessment, hands on care and dynamic exercises to help you tackle not only your pain but your long term shoulder health. 

Low back Pain

Low back pain is often treated with "rest and medication. 

Low Back Pain responds best to healthy motion and specific muscle techniques.

At Gate City Physio, we look at your joints, discs and muscles to find the specific cause of YOUR Low Back Pain.

Dr. Hillman is really wonderful. My daughter has had severe TMJ pain for years. After countless doctor and dentist appointments we decided to try PT. My only regret is that we didn’t try it sooner! Her pain is significantly improved, and Dr. Hillman was very thorough and thoughtful in developing a treatment plan that worked for her! 

Specialized Orthopedic Care 

Dr. Corey Hillman takes a specialized approach to pain and injuries such as TMJ, headaches, shoulder pain (rotator cuff, impingement), carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back/hip pain and tendonitis/tendinopathy. Through a combination of direct manual therapy, rehab and lifestyle modification we offer a unique and comprehensive approach to your aches and pain. 

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