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Gate City Physio believes in relationship-centered care.  We seek to listen, to learn, and to meet you where you are as a person, knowing that you are far more than your diagnosis. We know pain is an all-encompassing experience affecting your physical body, emotional health, and your ability to engage in your world. Perhaps you’ve thought, "there’s nothing that can be done"  or " pain is just part of getting older."  Put simply, pain can cause you to lose hope that life will return to normal.

We love inspiring our patients to achieve the transformative lifestyle they desire, whether that's playing with your kids, getting back to yoga or maintaining that backyard garden. There is hope for better days!  

By partnering with us, you will experience evidenced informed care that will be individualized to your unique situation and goals. Read below to gain a better understanding of the person centered care at Gate City Physio.



Our first visit will be an hour long  one-on-one session to listen to your story, review your health history, and take a detailed evaluation: examining all areas of your lifestyle including: movement, nutrition, stress, and sleep patterns. We will take the time to get to know you as an individual, including your goals for treatment. We know that you want to feel better as soon as possible and our first visit will include including treatment to help calm your body and to begin the healing process. 

We'll ensure you leave your first day with a concrete plan of your next steps  You'll get practical advice, a personalized  therapeutic movement plan , and educational resources to supplement your recovery.


Our treatment approach is informed by the latest evidence and integrative in its delivery. By taking a holistic philosophy towards pain care, we address the underlying factors contributing to your pain and give you confident in your body Treatment includes the following:

1) Manual Therapy: We are experts in using gentle manual therapy to help calm the body and nervous system that is often in ‘high alert’ due to prolonged pain. We use a combination of direct soft tissue techniques, mobilization and spinal manipulation. 

2) Therapuetic Movement: We believe movement is medicine, it has the power to heal the body, give us confidence, and decrease pain. We tailor specific exercise to each patients needs empowering you to feel confident moving in your body.

3) Empowerment- Our goal from day one is to provide you with the tools to care for yourself. We are passionate in teaching our patients how to manage their pain independently.



Let's face it, healthcare offices are not exactly known for their attention to aesthetics. Whether it's a loud open therapy gym  or a dark, sterile exam room, it'd be hard to describe these spaces as  therapeutic.  We believe physical spaces affect how we feel and our healing. We are excited to welcome you into our warm and inviting treatment space at Sonder Mind & Body in downtown Greensboro. We feel confident you'll appreciate its beauty.


Interested in learning more about how we can help you live the pain free life you deserve? 


Schedule a FREE 15 minute consult with Dr. Hillman and let's here more of your story and ensure we're the right fit. 


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