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We help health-conscious individuals do what they love with less pain and more energy

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Work with a Pain Expert 

You love going to Hanging Rock on a cool Saturday morning and hiking Raven’s Rock. 

You look forward to your mid-week yoga class and feeling present in your body. 

You love being able to garden with your children and feeling a sense of connection.

Recently though, you've had nagging pain that makes it harder to do the activities you love. You don't want to stop moving, however, you find yourself frustrated and unsure of whom to seek guidance from. 


Gate City Physio specializes in treating persistent painful conditions and restoring hope. We won't tell you to stop living your life, but will empower you to take hold of your health and experience effortless movement.

Shoulder Pain 

From Rotator Cuff pain to frozen shoulder, we take a comprehensive approach looking at your neck, shoulder and shoulder blade function to reduce your pain and help you do what you love! 

Headaches aND TMD/TMJ

We are experts in addressing headaches, neck and jaw pain, taking a holistic approach combining skilled manual therapy (dry needling, direct myofascial release, joint mobilization/manipulation) with functional rehab and lifestyle approaches.


ActIve Lifestyles 

Whether it’s taking the dogs for a walk, playing with the kiddos, exercising for long-term health, enjoying hiking, or getting a round of golf in, you deserve to do it pain free. From low back pain to tendonitisit we help you get back to your active lifestyle that you love!

Caitlyn, Dancer/Yoga Instructor 

Dr. Corey Hillman is like no other PT in the area. His approach is thorough and hands-on, he will take the time to listen, and you will leave feeling empowered and stronger

H.H, TMJ Sufferer 

Dr. Hillman is really wonderful. My daughter has had severe TMJ pain for years. After countless doctor and dentist appointments we decided to try PT. My only regret is that we didn’t try it sooner!

Sean, Trainer 

As a regular exerciser, have sometimes found myself in need of a "Tune Up" over the years, and Dr. Hillman provides outstanding care in this regard.

Dr. Corey Hillman 

Dr. Corey Hillman is a musculoskeletal and movement expert.  He has advanced training in manual therapy, headaches, TMJ disorders and neck pain. 

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 15- Minute Consultation

Interested in learning more about how we can help you live the pain free life you deserve? 


Schedule a complimentary 15 minute consult with Dr. Hillman and let's here more of your story and ensure we're the right fit. 

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